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The room was warm as a light breeze entered through the open window, tickling Tails' muzzle as he lay in bed. The fox was not asleep as he should have been, however. The night had filled him with so much excitement that it had made sleep impossible. Instead he enjoyed as it passed him by with his lover at his side, her head resting against his chest tuff as her rosebuds brushed against his nose. The fox was in ecstasy; the idea that today was the day he would finally declare to Cosmo had him grinning up at the ceiling from ear to ear. Sure, he was nervous, but right now the thrill of the moment overpowered his fears and urged him out of bed. Slowly he complied as he gently pushed out from under Cosmo, who slid down on her pillow and continued to sleep. The time was five thirty and the sun's first light was just beginning to creep over the dark horizon. Unfortunately, this also meant that Cosmo would be awake soon as she usually rose with the sun. If things were to proceed as he planned, Tails had to make sure she woke up a little later. Retrieving a thick, black blanket from the hallway closet, the fox proceeded to drape it over the window shunting out all external light from the room. Satisfied that Cosmo would not rise before he wished her to, he exited the room and proceeded downstairs toward the kitchen.

Once he reached the kitchen, Tails immediately set to work, madly pulling from the fridge ingredients that he would need to make an elaborate breakfast for Cosmo. He needed not to consider her favorite dish as he immediately settled on pancakes. Deciding to go a step further however, he proceeded to remove a can of cherry topping from his refrigerator. Within the first five minutes, the kitchen was already a mess. Despite doing it less frequently since Cosmo had been living with him, Tails was an exceptionally good cook; and he was determined to give her the best breakfast he could prepare on this special day. As he mixed the batter he spoke to himself, plotting the day out in his head.

"Okay, so, make Cosmo breakfast, take her to the park, rest up, then get all dressy and go to the restaurant…" Tails said listing the days upcoming events off to himself, "Dang it, I hate clothes! They always feel like they're choking me! I'll do it for her though, I guess. I just hope Jaran can get everything together. It'll be a nightmare if- no. No Miles, you're not doing that today. Today's going to be the best day of your life. No room for negative thoughts!"

Setting the batter down, Tails walked over to his cabinet and removed a large metal pan placing it on top of the stove and turning on the eye. He then spooned a generous amount of butter into the pan, watching it sizzle into a puddle before finally pouring in the batter. Tails took a deep breath as he enjoyed the scent of fresh, homemade pancakes wafting throughout the house, filling it with a warm, inviting sensation. As he waited for the pancakes to brown a loud thump suddenly reached his sensitive fox ears. Fearing that Cosmo might have woken before he had a chance to finish preparing breakfast, the fox quickly spun around to face the sound. Instead of his soon-to-be fiancé however, was the familiar sight of an open window. Knowing who must be present he turned to look behind him. While he found no dark-clad figure looming over him this time, he did find a previously absent white envelope lying upon his kitchen table. Curious, the kitsune approached the envelop, but was again startled by the sound of the window shutting behind him. Letting out a canine-like yelp he turned around again, seeing no one behind him nor outside the window. Shrugging, he picked up the envelope and examined it. Nothing particularly unique about the piece of paper. Just a plain white envelop, with no writing or markings to indicate the original sender. The fox proceeded to break the seal with one of his sharp claws, un-gloved since he had yet to dress after waking up. Inside rested a letter scribbled crudely on a sheet of notebook paper. Tails removed the note from within its containing envelope and began scanning over it. What he read brought a smile to his face.

"Good morning, Tails. Nice to see you awake. Today is going to be interesting, for lack of a better word; but I am completely confident that you will pull it off with flying colors. I already have plans in motion and am on my way to reserve the room at the restaurant. Don't worry about the time constraints. I'll get it even if I have to bend a few minds to do it. Also, I would advise giving Cosmo the dress you bought her for her birthday today. (Yes, I know about it.) It would add a nice touch to the mood and reduce the number of outfits I will have to rent. You owe me big for this, kid.

In all seriousness though, I couldn't be happier for you. I wish you the best of luck tonight. Congratulations, Miles. I am very proud of you.


P.S. Please, for God sakes, don't forget the ring!"

A chuckle escaped the fox's lips as he folded the letter back up, shredding it into thin pieces and disposing of them so as to make sure that Cosmo would not find them. Shaking his head he looked at the wall mounted clock, noting the time as he muttered to himself. "I hope he has time to get those clothes, or more import, the reservations. That place is going to be a killer getting into!" Just then the fox's nose began to detect the familiar scent of smoke as he turned to see a thin grey haze rising from the pancakes. His eyes went wide as he rushed over to the stove, picking up a spatula and flipping the breakfast confection. Fortunately, they weren't so badly burned as to be inedible. "Geez, that was close. I don't have enough stuff to make an entirely new batch. A little brown won't hurt, I guess."

Upon finishing the pancakes, Tails proceeded to top them off with cherries, placing them on a decorative plate and tray. Finally, he took a small vase and placed a single rose from Cosmo's garden into it, then carried the sum of his labors upstairs. Using his namesakes the fox gently nudged the door open, tip-toeing into the room and carefully setting the tray of food down on Cosmo's nightstand. Creeping over to the window, Tails gave a sharp tug on the blanket he had placed there more than two hours ago. Now past seven, the sun's rays blasted in through the window as the blanket fell to the floor. Cosmo flinched a bit as her senses were stimulated, beginning to stir her way out of unconsciousness. Slowly the Seedrian beauty opened her eyes, looking dizzily around the room before settling her gaze on Tails, giving him a sweet smile.

"Good morning, baby." Cosmo giggled, "Goodness, it's bright outside. What time is it?"

"Seven fifty," Tails replied with a smile, sitting on the edge of the bed and stroking her hand, "I thought you might want to sleep in a little so I kept the room dark."

"I think I slept too much," Cosmo giggled, stretching her arms as her green locks fell about her shoulders in a tangled mess, "but thank you for your concern."

"So I was thinking," Tails changed the subject jarringly, "we should have a day. A special day for just you and me. No one else."

"That does sound nice," Cosmo laughed, "but we're always together! I don't see any difference in today from any other day."

Suddenly, Tails leaned over their bed, pulling his flower close as he planted his lips upon hers in a passionate kiss. Cosmo was surprised, to say the least, but never rejected a kiss from her lover as it was just as enjoyable to her as it was him. The fox ran his hand gently along the back of her head stroking her green, leafy hair as they enjoyed their embrace. After a short time they separated, leaving Cosmo with a bemused expression.

"My goodness, you're being affectionate today!" She smiled while blushing, "What's got you so giddy this morning?"

Tails was quiet, smiling as he gave her one final peck on the face before speaking in a gentle tone. "Let's go somewhere today, okay? I've got a few ideas if you want to."

"O-okay," Cosmo stuttered, "I'd hate to go out looking like this, though, and I'm a bit hungry…"

"Say no more! Breakfast is served!" Tails said over-dramatically, moving aside to reveal the stack of pancakes for Cosmo.

Cosmo gasped upon seeing the delicious looking cherry pancakes, feeling flattered that Tails would grace her with breakfast in bed. For whatever reason Tails' increased affection struck her as odd. True, he was always loving, but something felt different this particular morning. Even through their link she became aware of an unusual disturbance in his thought processes, one which he was actively blocking off or she would be able to read it. He was hiding something. Despite Tails' hidden intentions, her trust in him persuaded her to accept his kindness at face value as she smiled gratefully at her fox. "Breakfast in bed?" She asked surprised, "Tails, that really wasn't necessary. I wouldn't have minded making something for us both."

"Yes I did! Now enjoy your breakfast!" Tails said with a chuckle, kissing her on the cheek before walking toward the door.

"Where are you going?" Cosmo asked, tilting her head to one side.

"To clean the kitchen!" Tails said turning around and walking backwards, "I really don't want to leave the house as bad as it is. You just enjoy breakfast, okay? Take a shower, get some sunlight, whatever you want! Today is about you!" With that the fox left the room, tromping down the stairs into the kitchen as Cosmo stared after him. After a moment the Petali shook her head, speaking to herself quietly.

"What are you up to, my willy fox?"

"Welcome to Divino Ristorante," spoke a tall, lean rat wearing a refined tuxedo with a thick French accent, "do you have a reservation?"

Being addressed was a tall, grey wolf with thick fur and a serious completion, clothed in a black button-up shirt, black jeans, sleek black loafers, and a black trench coat. The wolf stared about with his brown eyes for a brief moment, seeming distracted by his surroundings before the rat gained his attention.

"Monsieur, do you have a reservation?" Asked the rodent impatiently.

"No," replied the wolf, snapping to attention, "but I'd like to make one."

"Very good, sir," answered the rat, his tone seeming to uplift at the prospect of business, "and how many will be in your party?"

"About thirteen," replied the wolf nonchalantly, "and I'd like to request a private room for my party."

"I see z'at rings are no object!" Chuckled the rat, "Very good, monsieur. What time would you be wishing to dine with us?"

"Today, from six to nine thirty this evening." Replied the wolf with a cheeky smirk.

"Ha-ha, an excellent joke, sir…" said the rodent in a less than amused voice, "Now, what time shall I have you down for?"

"I just said six to nine this evening." Confirmed the wolf in a serious voice.

The rat fell quiet, as did the wolf, staring at each other blankly for a moment trying to determine the seriousness of the other. Finally the rat looked down at his notebook, flipping through it with a clear display of frustration. "I'm sorry monsieur, but all reservations for z'e rooms are taken for this evening. Perhaps you would like to schedule for another day?"

"No, I need that room tonight. There is no room for haggling here." Stated the wolf bluntly.

"Then I'm sorry sir, but I cannot help you." Said the rat unamused, "Come back another time and we might be able to seat you."

The wolf proceeded to step forward aggressively, placing his hand down on the reception podium and drawing close to the rat's face. "Look, you don't seem to get what I'm trying to tell you. I NEED that room. What happens tonight will only happen once and it deserves an appropriate atmosphere. Now, can you make it happen?"

"Sir, we have other guests who have reserved z'e rooms." Replied the rodent equally aggressively, nearly coming forehead-to-forehead with the wolf, "I will not toss z'em into the street."

"Let me guess, it's a wealthy family having a get-together?" Snapped back the wolf, clearly frustrated.

"Z'e financial state of z'e guests are none of m'ah business… but yes, quite." The rat replied sheepishly.

"And I'm sure they'll have many other dinners like this one, my friends- this is a very special event. They probably won't ever have a chance to do this again. Please, help me out here man?"

"Sir, if you're not going to make a reservation z'en I'm going to have to ask you to leave." The rat demanded, pointing a finger toward the door, "I have work to do."

The wolf was silent, staring emptily at the rat as though contemplating something. After a few moments the wolf let out a sigh, looking desperate as he muttered something. "My best friend is going to ask his girlfriend to marry him tonight, and he wanted to do it here. I guess I'll have to tell him we have to find another place. Thank you for your time." With that the wolf turned with a swish of his coat, walking toward the exit.

"Une minute, monsieur!" Yelled the rat, running out from behind his podium over to the wolf, who turned around with a raised eyebrow, "I cannot move z'e reservation… but if you can convince z'e other guests to move their reservation ahead by two hours, I think we might be able to have it ready in a rush."

"What?" Asked the wolf sharply, "What changed your oh-so-generous heart?"

"I have a love for z'e romantic," replied the rodent flatly, "and… my lover and I were kept apart for a very long time. I would hate for anyone to 'ave to go through what we did."

"That's… very thoughtful." Replied the wolf with a smirk, "What's the family's name?"

"I cannot disclose z'at!" The rat replied quickly. He then proceeded to pull his notepad out and scribble something down, tearing a page out and handing it to the wolf, "You never heard z'is from me…"

"Thank you… so much." The wolf said smiling as he began to walk toward the door, "You have no idea how much this will mean to him. By the way, what kept you from your girl?"

"My love for him was frowned upon." Replied the rat with a straight face.

"That's- love for him? Oh… right." Muttered the wolf, backing out the door uncomfortably, "Well then… goodbye!"

Once out the door the wolf broke into a sprint, running as fast as he could through the crowd of Mobians on the sidewalk. Strangely, the wolf's fur seemed to spark, flickering and fizzing as his image lost its clarity. Fortunately, no one else noticed due to the speed at which he was running. "Shit!" The wolf cursed, rounding a corner and ducking into an alleyway. Just as he did, his form lost coherency entirely, fizzling out like a television screen on a wrong channel. As the form of the wolf dissipated another form quickly faded into view to replace it. A tall, black robed human with brown hair. Kai breathed heavily, looking about to make sure he had not been followed.

"Well, how'd it go?" Asked Shadow as he stepped out of the low lighting of the towering buildings.

"Fucking perception filter nearly died on me." Kai growled, "I'd rather not let every Mobian in the city know there's another human wandering about."

"No, I mean did you get the reservation?"

"No…" Kai replied shaking his head, "it was taken, but the guy gave us the name of the family holding it. If we can convince them to come at an earlier time, it's ours."

"Why didn't you just 'mind trick' him into giving you the reservation?"

"Because I didn't want him losing his job." Kai replied sternly, "Do you?"

"Why should I care?"

"Of course you don't." Kai answered for Shadow.

"How'd you get him to give you the name? Did you have to force him?"

"No, he just surrendered it. He was French."

"Nice," Shadow said with a chuckle, "Lets go find those people, then."

"Right," Kai replied, walking stealthily down the alleyway. As he walked he suddenly turned around, again reaching for his no longer present weapon. This prompted Shadow to do the same, readying a Chaos Spear should he need it. After a few moments Shadow eased back, resuming his casual posture as he looked up at Kai.

"You okay?" Shadow said arching his eyebrow.

"I could have sworn I heard something…"

"Did you sense anything?"

"No…" Kai admitted, relaxing.

"Then come on!" Shadow demanded, marching off, "Quit wasting time!"

Kai remained standing for a moment, staring down the alleyway which seemed dark and untraversed despite having just come that direction. With a flick of his cape the sage turned, stealing one last glance over his shoulder before finally proceeding along the path…


Bursting through his front door an enthusiastic Miles took a flying leap down his front steps, landing on his feet and turning his gaze skyward. Following closely behind him was his flower staring at him curiously. From the start of the morning the fox had been a constant source of energy, almost overwhelmingly so. His level of attentiveness and affection had Cosmo constantly on her toes, being periodically showered with hugs and kisses from her lover. His attention was not unwelcome however, as she enjoyed the extra affection she was receiving from him. The Petali was more than aware that the fox had something up his sleeve, but dare not ask what in fear of ruining his surprise. Instead, she chose to simply let events unfold, and anticipate as Tails led her through what was to most certainly be an eventful day…

"Isn't it BEAUTIFUL today?" Said Tails exaggeratedly, spinning and holding his arms out as he looked up at the sky, "It's like, the most perfect day ever!"

Cosmo held back a laugh as she watched the fox's manic behavior, still trying to piece together what he could possibly be so excited about. "It is lovely." Cosmo giggled, "You certainly seem excited about it."

"You have NO idea!" Tails laughed aloud, "Now come on! We're burning daylight! How about we head off to the park?"

"I suppose so." Giggled the Seedrian, "Are we walking?"

"Walk? In this weather? Heck no! I've got something way better!" Said the fox as an enormous grin spread across his face.

"But… I want to feel the sunlight." Cosmo said with a slight pout.

"Oh trust me, you'll be closer to the sun than you've ever been!" Tails replied, keeping his smile. In one sudden motion, Tails scooped Cosmo up into his arms and kicked off the ground, spinning his namesakes. Cosmo gasped as she gripped onto Tails' fur tightly, looking over his shoulder to see them hovering above the ground.

"I-I'm not sure about this, Tails." Cosmo said nervously, "You know I don't like heights."

"Cosmo, even with my planes, there's nothing that feels more free then when I fly." Tails explained calmly, "The wind in my fur, being taller than the clouds, it's magical. I want to share that with you. I promise I won't drop you."

"But, I-" Cosmo began, but was hushed by Tails.

"Cosmo, do you trust me?"

Disarmed by the question, it took Cosmo a moment to decide how to respond. After only a few seconds she smiled back at her fox, running a hand across his muzzle gently. "Yes… always."

"Hang on, then!" Tails said revving up his namesakes, accenting quickly into the troposphere. As they continued to move higher and higher Cosmo chanced a peak over Tails' shoulder, watching as the landscape became a patchwork quilt beneath them. Her first instinct would normally have been to bury her head in his chest tuff. Having never been this high however, she felt something captivating about the sight and continued to watch their accent.

Passing through a low-lying cloud bank, a spray of mist coated the couple's faces. Cosmo enjoyed the cool sensation it provided as she absorbed the water through her porous skin, using the moisture to fuel her photosynthetic processes just slightly. As they finally breached the cloud's crest, she was rewarded with the warm rays of the sun bathing her, seeming more fulfilling now that she was closer to it. Looking across the horizon she marveled at the sight of the landscape, reaching out and disappearing behind the planet's curve. She then looked up at Tails, who appeared to be working hard to maintain their altitude given the extra weight. Nevertheless, he maintained a smile as he looked down at her casting a loving gaze.

"It's… amazing." Cosmo said in awe, "You see this every time you fly?"

"Yep!" Tails replied, smiling, "Pretty awesome, huh?"

"It's incredible!" Cosmo agreed, seeming entranced, "I'm higher than any tree has ever grown!"

"That's one small step for plants, one giant leap for Seedrian kind!" Tails laughed at his own joke.

"Thank you…" Cosmo looked up at him lovingly, "You really are amazing, Miles Prower."

"Not as amazing as you!" He said with a blush, prompting a giggle from Cosmo, "Now let's get to the park. We've been above it for a while now."

With that the fox began to decent, slowing his tails so as to catch the wind and glide. Cosmo clung to him tightly as they fell, rubbing her face against his fur, smiling happily as he cradled her safely in his arms. After a few minutes Tails touched the ground, setting Cosmo gently onto her feet. Despite releasing her from his grip, she did not release her hold on him. Instead she proceeded to pull him closer, planting a gentle kiss on his muzzle. "Thank you again." She whispered gently, "That was truly amazing."

"Anything for you!" Tails repeated what he said so very often, "Maybe you'll want to go again sometime?"

"Absolutely!" Cosmo answered enthusiastically, then turned to look at the park she had become so familiar with, "What made you decide here, honey? I do love the park, but I think we've seen all there is to see here."

"Well, you're wrong!" Tails laughed jokingly, "I found a hidden place that's absolutely incredible! I haven't shown anyone yet and I thought maybe it could be our place? A special place, for just you and me?"

"Oh, really?" Cosmo replied coyly, crossing her arms as she raised an eyebrow, "A 'secret place', hm? I suppose I'll just have to play along, won't I?"

"Yep!" Tails chuckled, taking her hand and pulling her along, "Come on! Let me show you!"

Across the park the fox lead, reaching the very edge of the public garden where a row of thick trees and shrubs stood. Despite the barricade the fox continued on, pushing past the bushes and into a vague clearing. To prevent damaging the bushes as they passed, Cosmo sent an unspoken request to them that they move aside. Tails was surprised when the shrubbery in front of him bowed in his wake, but immediately associated it with Cosmo's actions and gave her a smirk. The pair continued ahead until Tails came to a sudden stop, turning to face Cosmo with an eager smile.

"Okay, it's just through here." Tails said gesturing to a coverage of leaves and branches, "I really think you're going to like it. I found it when-"

"Sweetheart, maybe you should just show me?" Cosmo interrupted with a giggle.

"Oh, yeah! Rambling, sorry!" He said rubbing the back of his neck. Taking her hand again gently he urged her forward, pushing past one last thicket of leaves and vines.

A gasp escaped the small Seedrian's lips at the sight before her. Beyond the circular fence of trees lay a large clearing, through which a small stream ran feeding a large pond. On one side of the pond rested a bed of green grass and flowers, perfect for lounging. Across from that, a massive willow draped its soft branches over another clear spot, providing some nice shade. Cosmo slowly stepped forward, inhaling the clean air and admiring the secluded beauty of this unique spot. "Tails, how did you find this?" Cosmo asked turning to look at her boyfriend, "This is absolutely breathtaking!"

"I flew over the park the other day and saw a clearing, so I decided to check it out!" Tails said smiling, "No one else knows about it. It's our special place. Just for you and me."

"Oh, yes, absolutely!" Cosmo gleefully spoke, "Thank you… so much. I feel like I will probably be saying that a lot today!"

"The water's clear, too!" Tails pointed out, kneeling next to the stream and running a gloved hand through it, "Great for swimming!"

"That would be lovely," Cosmo smiled, "but I don't have my swimsuit with me."

"Way ahead of you!" Tails replied, recovering Cosmo's pale green bikini which he had conveniently remembered to carry on his person, "I knew you'd want to swim, so I came prepared!"

Cosmo smiled at this, taking her garb and placing a kiss on Tails' muzzle. "Thank you. Where can I change?"

"There's a big rock you can hide behind." Tails blushed, pointing to a large boulder, "I'll, uh… wait here."

"You had better." Cosmo giggled teasingly, walking over to the specified rock formation and ducking behind it.

While Cosmo changed, Tails sat along the edge of the stream and proceeded to remove his shoes, socks, and gloves. Having disrobed he gently stuck a paw in the water, sending chills up his spine due to the temperature. After a few moments of adjusting, Tails waded into the stream, letting the water flow gently about him. Cosmo finally made her way out from behind the rock clad in her swimwear as she looked down at Tails with an amused expression.

"You didn't wait for me?" Cosmo teased him, giggling.

"Sorry, I-" Tails suddenly found himself tong tied at the sight of the Seedrian beauty before him, working her swimwear and allowing him a view of her elegant features. A gradually increasing shade of red warmed Tails' cheeks as he looked upon her, in awe of the beautiful girl he was to propose to on this day. Slowly his speech began to consolidate again as he sputtered out a single sentence. "You look so… beautiful."

"Tails…" Cosmo blushed, giggling as she stepped into the water and hugged herself close to him, "you're so sweet. I don't feel like I am, but thank you. Why are you so red, honey?"

"Um, it's- ah…" Tails struggled to speak again, trying to make plain the words that had been scrambled by the sight of Cosmo. Finally the fox let out a growl, lowering his head almost shamefully. "I can't help it…" He began, "I always had a hard time talking to girls, especially ones I thought were pretty. You're the most beautiful girl I've ever set eyes on, Cosmo. I can't help getting nervous."

"Aww, Tails," Cosmo melted in his embrace as she pulled closer to his face, "I've never had anyone who was so good to me. And honestly… you're quite handsome yourself."

Tails blushed even harder at this statement, staring back into Cosmo's eyes in an almost hypnotic trance. Slowly the two leaned closer, tenderly caressing lips as Cosmo ran a hand behind Tails' ears. The sensation of her petting prompted him to deepen the kiss, running his hand through her emerald hair and enjoying the touch of her skin. Whether hours or minutes passed they did not know as they both floated in silence, together, in their special place, savoring every second with each other. Neither aware that something far more sinister was being planned right above their heads…

Within the confines of the Darkship the shadowy form of Xemus stood before the rounded holographic projector centered along the observation platform, crossing his arms impatiently as he waited for a response from his alien ally. For hours he had waited with no response, and the already impatient overlord was now beginning to grow even more agitated.

"Where is he?" Growled the shade darkly, "While I do love prolonging things, time is precious at the moment."

"Master," choked out one of the slaves in the control pit nearest to him, "Incoming hail from the Black Comet…"

Without saying a word the apparition of darkness turned to face the projector once again as a transparent, blue tinted hologram of the horned alien, Black Doom, became visible. "You're late… again!"

"It took some time to position the Comet to send a clear transmission." Black Doom explained, "The system's Oort cloud presented heavy interference."

"I have no concern for your inconveniences!" Xemus snapped harshly, "Failure to fit my timeframe ends well for no one."

"What is it that you require then?" Spoke the alien being, voice laced with contempt.

"I know that you are thoroughly familiar with the Metarex." Said the shadow shrouded figure directly, "I am also aware that Cosmo has a particular aversion to them…"

"Rightfully so." The horned creature spake, "The Metarex burned across the galaxy in a war that would have left billions dead and thousands of planets uninhabitable. A truly accomplished group of warriors."

"And how, may I ask, did you acquire this information?"

The horned alien let out an amused chuckle, its three eyes glistening in excitement. "The Black Arms have existed for billions of years, seeding nearly half of the planets in the galaxy with our technology to ensure that all life that evolves under our domain will follow similar evolutionary paths. The Metarex were intended to soften the rest of the galaxy in preparation for our occupation. It would have succeeded had it not been for the intervention of the Mobians. I know, because I am indirectly responsible for their creation."

"Fascinating!" Exclaimed Xemus, seeming momentarily impressed with his newest slave, "And the other half of the galaxy was seeded by… whom?"

"That is a question that has alluded even the Black Arms." Black Doom answered, "They vanished from the galaxy before we could even stand upright. We believe they are responsible for even our evolution. We know them as the Xorda."

"Of course," Whispered Xemus to himself, letting out a demonic cackle under his breath.

"What?" Black Doom inquired, not hearing the shade's statement.

"Ignore my prattle…" Xemus said brushing aside his former comment, "The Metarex, are there any left?"

"No," answered Black Doom, "the girl on the planet below you is the last, and is responsible for their destruction."

Xemus was quiet, his glowing eyes looking down at the floor as he ran a taloned finger along what would have most likely been his chin. Pieces began to fall into place in his dark mind as connections were made, all exemplified by the burning hatred he felt for a single man and how he desired to burn everything he loved. Finally, he looked up at Black Doom once again, posing another question. "Do you have the facilities for large scale genetic experimentation?"

"Indeed," Black Doom replied, "as all of my children are compiled directly from my blood. Why?"

"I have something I must retrieve from the planet below…" Xemus replied, his eyes flashing in twisted glee, "Once I have obtained it I will deliver it to you. I will send you additional information as it becomes applicable."

With that the transmission cut, as Xemus slowly walked back over to the bow of his ship staring back through the viewport in deep meditation. "Cosmo… soon to be a Prower," he spoke lowly, "how far will his loyalty extend once I am done with you?"

Heard from across the ship, for the first time in ages, echoing and reverberating on the metal plates that made up the hull, was a loud, disgusting, insane cackle…

He must be stopped, Hertia! What the demon intends to do will rip the galaxy apart greater than even I!

Turn your eyes from him for the time being, my darling. There is nothing we can do.

I would much rather look upon that horror then to see my daughter defiling our race with the taint of a warm-blooded beast!

He is the only one who can shield her from the nightmare to come.

He is a weakling! His power is not enough to protect my daughter.

You underestimate him. Let them enjoy their courtship before night falls upon them. Then you will see just how bright his light shines, and he will be… dazzling!
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Grassy-Aggron Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Not going to lie, when you said Tails revved his tails up, I heard a motorcycle in my head.  Now we need to just strap a muffler on his legs!

Genetic manipulation.  Somehow, I doubt Cosmo is the direct target :P
CharlesBulbmin Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2013   Traditional Artist
"By the way, what kept you from your girl?" "My love for him was frowned upon.":rofl: Not even a single second had passed before I busted out laughing at that!XDDD Your humor just keeps on getting more, um... humorous.XD My ribcage is still hurting from the jokes in this chapter!

Alright, so first they call each other "sweetie", then "honey", and now Cosmo just called him "baby"? Not only that, but they also get to share alot of sweet moments with each other. I couldn't help but go, "Aww," at the sweet moments you put in these chapters. You sir, have just made Tails and Cosmo's relationship even more adorable.

Amazingly, Xemus didn't seem quite as frightening in this chapter than in previous ones... Of course, not that I'm saying that he's not scary here (As a matter of fact, he still gives me the creeps.)
FicDoctorMD Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
A little discriminatory humor never hurt anyone. I'm glad you found it funny.
CharlesBulbmin Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2013   Traditional Artist
Well, descriminatory humor can be funny if not hilarious... just as long as you don't over do it, of course.
Powershade117 Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I REALLY hope this day goes off without a hitch. Tails deserves this. And if Xemus messes this day up for the little fox...well...let's just say he's lucky I can't reach through the omniverse and throttle him into nothingness. >: )
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XD Thanks man. Glad you could apreciate it. And yes, casual racism is funny, apparently.
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Also I agree, Shadow and Kai really do complement eachother well and I hope you continue to pair them up for impending shenanigans.
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FicDoctorMD Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
That's basically what I had planned anyways. All of the "higher entities" I described watch the universe, and there is one who stands above the others. The same one who saved Kai from being erased. But more on that later...
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Loved the part where Wolf-Jaran is trying to get reservations :D I kinda guessed that it was Jaran using a perception filter - either that or he'd paid someone to do it, or something similar - and I immediately thought of Doctor Who and Torchwood... though in Jaran's case wouldn't be more of a chameleon circuit (or filter in this case), like the TARDIS?

Anyway, it'll be really interesting to see Jaran and Shadow as team-mates of sorts, like you said they work well together :nod: Looking forward to the next chapter, as always!
FicDoctorMD Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks man. Glad you liked it. I can be very critical of my own work, so it's nice when others see beauty in it.

One has to wonder where Kai got a perception filter...
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No problem, man - and I can be pretty self-critical sometimes too, so I know what you mean :nod: Keep up the awesomeness!

About Jaran, well, wouldn't he just use the Force to distort light and alter perception? :confused: ...ooh wait, I see what you mean, haha, that would be pretty awesome :XD:
Actually, now that I think about it, both the DW and SW universes are technically in the same "timeline". One's just really, really far away and a long, looong time ago :lmao: I actually wouldn't want the universes to cross paths, though, I'd rather DW be DW and SW be SW...they wouldn't really fit together well IMO, too much of a difference between the two.

Speaking of DW and SW, am I the only one who thinks 11th's sonic screwdriver looks a lot like a lightsaber?
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It's a pivotal moment whether important things can progress, and for that I congratulate you. :)
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